Monday, June 23, 2014


Welcome to The Write Stuff.  To kick things off, the 5 W's of what spurred on this little place in cyberspace.

Our cast of characters includes myself (aka Mom), my DH, my DS (14) and my DD (4).  DS is our child who has recently been diagnosed with Dysgraphia and due to his age would understandably like me to leave his name out.

Dysgraphia, a lesser known learning disorder that involves fine motor skills and impacts writing.

DS was officially diagnosed at age 14.  However, we knew something was up a long time before hand (elementary).  We have spent the majority of his time in middle school getting this sorted out.

Geographically we are located in New Brunswick Canada's capital region.

While we were sorting out what was going on with our DS we found information on Dysgraphia lacking.  While there are countless accounts of children who deal with ADD, Dyslexia and countless other learning disabilities, personal accounts of dealing with the disability are sadly lacking.  We have spent a lot of time and energy, blood, sweat and plenty of tears navigating our way through 'the system'.  If we could help one other family, this blog would be considered a success.  Also while our stress is secondary to the frustrations our DS must feel after it going undiagnosed for so long, this is also a little piece of parental therapy :)

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